About Us

In 1998 when I was 15 years old I had an accident where over 50% of my body was burned. My body has gone through many challenges during recovery and daily lifestyle. I’ve tried many products on the market to relieve dry itchy skin, combat insomnia, stress and anxiety, severe muscle spasms, chapped lips, and many other symptoms due to my condition. My husband always noticed that I never got the benefits “as promised” from all the products I purchased over the years. It was then that I realized that it was time to start blending and creating products that would fulfill all my needs. Every Komokoco recipe has been inspired by all the different stages and needs I have experienced throughout my life. I assure you that you will love every product, and obtain great results. I’m blessed in having the opportunity to make these products with my parents,Ruben and Esther. I would like to share this amazing experience with you, my customers. Komokocos products are made with you in mind and my hope is that you will receive the benefits of good health that they have to offer.


Jeairy Segarra

Komokoco's Co-Creator & Product Developer


Komokoco is a family based Brand. Our family has always been interested in using aromatherapy and herbs to achieve great results in a natural way. We strongly believe in the power that herbs and essential oils has to promote good health. We are certified Puerto Rican Artisans and each one of our aromatherapy products is prepared with lots of love.

Every single aromatherapy product and its recipe is an original recipe that we have developed. Komokoco’s products are 100% free of chemicals prepared with essential oils, and herbs. They are also paraben free with no petroleum or mineral oils added. Our aromatherapy products are designed to satisfy the needs of children, adults and the elderly thus promoting health for your entire household.

We have based our workshop in our home to maintain that warm family feeling. Many customers asked us about the origin of our brand name. "Como coco" is an old Puerto Rican saying that our parents and grandparents used to express that they where feeling healthy and strong. We wanted a single word that people could relate to, so we combined both words and changed a few letters and ended up with Komokoco. Just remember...when someone asks you how you are feeling, tell them...Komokoco!

Ruben Segarra y Esther Montelara

Komokoco's Co-Creators