Moisturizing Balm

Moisturizing Balm

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This replenishing and hydrating Moisturizing Balm have the right formula to treat and prevent chafing or dry patches on your skin. It replenishes moisture and restore texture to reveal smooth healthy skin. Has been created considering every family member, even newborns can use it safely everyday.

Ingredients:  Mango Butter, Vitamin E, Wheatgerm Oil, Chamomile Extract, Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Lavender, and Other Natural-Organic Ingredients.

Benefits:  Re-hydrates and replenishes the skin.

  • Mango Butter - It has natural emollient properties, it penetrates easily into the skin, re-hydrates and replenishes the skin holding in moisture while softening dry, chafed, damage skin, and skin regeneration. 
  • Wheatgerm Oil - rich in vitamins A, D & E,nourishing to the skin, prevents moisture loss and it soothes irritated skin. 
  • Lavender - alleviates skin irritations, treat skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, acne, herpes and promotes healing.

How To Use:   Apply Komokoco's Moisturizing Balm on cheeks, lips and dry patches to treat and protect against dryness and chafing. Apply frequently.

Size: 1 oz