Tangy Amethyst SLS-Free Cleansing Bar

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Our gentle cleansing bar, is developed to help remove toxins from your pores.  Is packed with natural emollients and the richest organic ingredients for healthier skin.

Ingredients:  Organic Essential Oils, Activated Charcoal, Hemp Oil, Vitamins E, Organic Calendula, and Other Natural-Organic Ingredients.

Benefits:  Cleanse your skin while protecting your skin. 

  • Arrowroot Extract - is used as a herbal remedy for various skin problems. It is used in the treatment, reduces the level of infection and the itchiness, it helps treating rashes, sores, wounds and blemishes.
  • Organic Hemp - anti-inflammatory effects. It also acts as an antioxidant and helps molecules move across cell membranes. The combination of essential fatty acids, vitamins,

How To Use:   Apply liberally to skin while showering or bathing.  This product is SLS-Free, it won’t make lather like conventional soaps.  

Size: 4 oz